• 10 Jul 2020

    COVID19 - Covenant signatories may request an extension of their reporting deadline

    The Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office fully recognizes the socioeconomic, political, and geographical impacts that COVID-19 is having on local communities around Europe. As local governments are developing sustainable recovery plans along their sustainable climate and energy plans, we provide more flexibility to signatories facing difficulties in meeting their reporting deadlines in 2020.

    Signatories reporting to MyCovenant may submit their information at any time in 2020, if they have the capacity to do so. As usual, signatories - or Coordinators on their behalf, can request a delay to submit their action plan and/or monitoring report via MyCovenant.

    Throughout 2020 signatories can ask for an extension of their reporting deadlines to up to 18 months, for COVID-19 related problems. Please follow the procedure described in the procedure document.

    >> Download the procedure "How to request an extension for my reporting deadline" (PDF).

    For more information or support, please contact our Helpdesk at info@eumayors.eu