• 06 Jul 2020

    The role of the National Energy and Climate Plans in the post-COVID recovery

    Takeaways from the Covenant of Mayors' webinar organised on June 29, in collaboration with the EU-funded LIFE PlanUp project

    The COVID pandemic has severely hit the economies of the EU and its Member States. Recovery and resilience have now risen to the top of the policy agenda. In view of this new economic reality, what should be the contribution of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)? And how should multi-level cooperation be fostered in the NECPs, with Covenant of Mayors cities and regions being at the frontline of the COVID response?

    Gathering experts from the EU Commission, industry, civil society and local and regional authorities, this interactive webinar provided a comprehensive outlook on the role of the NECPs in the post-COVID recovery:

    We hear from Leonardo Zannier of the European Commission about the current state of play of the NECPs in the framework of the European recovery, and how these plans will contribute to drive decarbonisation and investments in the EU.

    We then hear from Agnese Ruggiero from the LIFE PlanUp project, about how the NECPs can structure a recovery that is consistent with long-term climate neutrality, based on the project’s work done in following the NECP process in its target countries Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

    Providing the local perspective, Benedetta Brighenti, president of the energy agency of Modena and former rapporteur on the Covenant of Mayors for the Committee of the Regions, then explains how the Covenant of Mayors is now even more a key instrument to relaunch Europe and its recovery from the COVID pandemic from the local level.

    Moving to the regional government level, Evi Tzanakaki from CRES, which is the Greek national coordinator for the Covenant of Mayors, speaks about the vital role of multi-level cooperation in the NECPs to deliver an inclusive recovery that addresses the local, regional and national governance levels.

    Finally, we hear from Jouni Keronen from the Climate Leadership Coalition, a coalition of progressive industry and business, about the importance of a green recovery to support the NECPs as well as the EU Green Deal. Keronen also speaks about new innovative methods that Covenant cities could apply in their energy transition post-COVID, in particular the concept of “carbon handprint” that is complementary to the concept of carbon footprint. He shared also a manual on carbon handprint during his intervention, which can be accessed here:

    You can find the recording of the webinar in our library. Access the slides here.