• 24 Jun 2019

    Clap for the climate! Belgian local leaders count down to 2030

    In the beginning of May, the Association of Flemish Municipalities proposed a Sustainability Pact towards to other governments in Belgium. On the occasion of the formation of new governments and parliaments on the regional (Flemish), national (Belgian) and European level, the Flemish local governments expressed their belief in the potential of local climate action.

    Yet, although the Flemish local governments has already undertaken a lot of efforts, solutions cannot be achieved only by the local level or any other actor alone. Multi-level cooperation must be the next step. Therefore, the sustainability pact calls for a tight cooperation between all governments including citizens and the private sector. It relies on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and calls for a clear link between social inclusion and ecological transformation.

    The Association of Flemish Municipalities launched this proposition of a Sustainability Pact during its bi-annual energy and climate event in the city of Ostend on the May 3.


    To stress the urgency of intergovernmental cooperation regarding climate emergency, the local Mayors and Councillors participated in the “Clap for the Climate” action. They gathered on the beach of Ostend and clapped the countdown, as a countdown towards 2030. Each Clap symbolises a year remaining before the 2030, the year were 50% greenhouse gases emissions must be reached, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. After the countdown, they started to clap 11 years up as a way to call governments for action. It is also meant to raise attention on the Sustainability Pact proposition.

    The Clap for the Climate video was directed by Flemish director Nic Bathazar.