• 25 Jun 2019

    Innovation in Politics Awards - Highliting audacious policies and policy makers

    The Innovation in Politics Awards is a Europe-wide civil society initiative designed to highlight audacious policies and policy makers. This year will mark its third edition.

    Local actors, municipalities, regions, mayors, tend to be particularly innovative. Yet, their bold actions do not always get the attention they deserve. Therefore, we encourage members of the European Covenant of Mayors Community to apply to the Innovation in Politics Awards and get a chance of receiving more recognition for their ambitious policies.

    Projects are rewarded in eight categories: Civilisation, Democracy, Human Rights, Community, Ecology, Prosperity, Jobs, and Quality of Life.

    The projects must be innovative and meet at least one of the following additional criteria: Participation, Building Trust, and Sustainability.

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    After all submissions have been received, a jury of over 1,000 citizens from around Europe will each be given, at random, 10 projects and will evaluate them. The awards will be announced on 4 December 2019 in Berlin, with 8 winners and 10 finalists in each category.

    Whether you want to promote a project linked to your city’s energy transition, or to your local policies in general, you may submit an application to increase your innovation’s visibility.

    You will find all details about the application process here. The final deadline is 15 July.