• 21 Sep 2022

    Budapest Forum 2022 - Building Sustainable Democracies

    CEU, Nador u. 15, Budapest
    Organiser: Others

    After the successful inaugural Budapest Forum – Building Sustainable Democracies in 2021. This year, the Municipality of Budapest, Political Capital Institute and CEU Democracy Institute, will once again organize this international conference on 21-22 September 2022.

    It will address topics like:

    • the effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine,

    • the energy crisis,

    • challenges for democracies in the Age of Populism,

    • fake news as a mainstream phenomenon: state-funded disinformation campaigns and effective countermeasures,

    • regional challenges and possibilities of climate change.

    The City of Budapest is committed to advancing the cause of democracy, sustainability, equity, and is driven by the conviction that the critical issues of our time, be they environmental, political or social, can only be tackled by a concerted, global effort of all relevant stakeholders, including all levels of government, civil society, academia and media

    You can find the link for registering here !

    ( Please note that the Budapest Forum will be streamed live on Facebook, and also recorded. The edited recording will be shared on YouTube. )